April 6, 2017

Selected Quotes


When we considered who could help us implement a major strategic shift in our organization, Jeff stood out as someone who could not only bring my ideas to life, but also help provide guidance to our leadership to make our service program real. We couldn’t have done it without it him!

Jennifer McCue



Jeff Skipper led the change management effort for Enbridge’s Finance Renewal Program. His strong contributions were instrumental in enabling a successful and timely go live for our project, encompassing the reimplementation of our Oracle ERP coupled with broader process changes. He brought the necessary experience and expertise to anticipate challenges, obtain relevant feedback and recommend timely actions, all of which helped maintain the momentum in a complex and multi-year project, which impacted approximately two thousand employees and contractors. I would certainly recommend Jeff for roles of a similar nature.

Narin Kishinchandani

VP and Program Leader, Finance Renewal



Implementations don’t fail at the technical level; they fail at the human level. Jeff ensures that does not happen and, in fact, helped us avoid additional costs and schedule delays.

Gabriele Ehnes-Lilly

Program Lead



Jeff has provided valuable feedback as I have transitioned into a managerial role.  I ‘m better at prioritizing my day, driving my meetings with agendas, and being more thoughtful with my time.  On a personal level, I’ve improved my understanding of the dynamics of personal interaction and how to address difficult situations. Real-life exercises have given me the skills I need for my job and in turn I have been able to apply these to my personal life as well. I learn something new in each session.  As a result of effective coaching, Jeff has helped me become a better leader to my team and I continue to grow and am utilize this knowledge to coach my own team as well.

Rob Salamillas

Manager, Infrastructure


Jeff was able to offer clear insight that I can apply directly to my leadership role. He quickly creates a strong sense of trust and is able to offer practical guidance with a high level of credibility.

T. Wade Chapman

Senior Manager


My experience with Jeff Skipper has been extremely positive. Jeff’s industry insights are like adding an additional “key man” to the management team. His points of view are welcomed and allow our company to move forward on decisions that tend to get shelved. As a busy business owner, I would recommend Jeff Skipper to anyone looking to find focus and accountability with their business operations.

Paul Barker

Managing Partner & Director of Group Development



As an executive coach, Jeff provided fantastic guidance about holding my employees accountable while still allowing them room to exercise their skills uniquely in their roles. During a time of transition, Jeff’s poignant questions strategically oriented my focus to seize the opportunities presented and manage change with confidence and clarity.

Amoriza Gunnink

CEO,  Amoriza Gunnink Educational Enterprises


I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff several times over the years. He is extremely professional, reliable and exceeds expectations. He provides great insights and pulls together all the necessary resources for success.

Carol Marohn



Jeff Skipper’s presentation on Executive Communication clearly illustrated the importance of the clarity of intention in communication, the need for candid and open exchange in communication, and most importantly, that communication is most effective in a trust-based relationship.

Gayelene Bonenfant






Jeff single-handedly made a profound difference to this project and his energy and enthusiasm is unbridled.

Mary H. Sylvester

Global Client Advisor – Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals