April 6, 2017



Jeff offers solutions tailored to client needs who typically make requests in the following areas:

1. Executive Acceleration

  • Apply the Thoughtfully Ruthless¬†framework to optimize use of time, energy and resource to meet personal and career goals
  • Provide a sounding board that challenges assumptions and provokes innovative thinking
  • Develop tactics for dealing with critical and challenging situations, presentations and¬†discussions

2. Strategic Advisory Services

  • Work with executives to develop profitable and strategic long term goals to help teams and companies thrive
  • Develop implementation tactics which drive to results quickly
  • Design and run workshops focused on strategic issues
  • Consult on ‘change leadership’ for transformation initiatives

3. Board Development

  • Facilitate strategy and visioning work
  • Assess board ‘mix’ and determine gaps
  • Develop ‘change narratives’ that mobilize resources towards action