Join the Lamborghini Club: Career Trajectory is Governed by the Company You Keep

“Before you start, let me remind you that you are expected to obey the rules of the road.’ And with that final word from the organizer of Royal Rally – a travelling scavenger hunt that would cover 750km in a single day – we were off. As fifty supercars, tuners and a monster truck roar[…]

Looking in all the Wrong Places? Ten Ways to Avoid Strategic Disaster

Watching professional sports reveals that players move, skate and dribble with their heads up to anticipate the next play and keep an eye on the goal and incoming threats. Focusing solely on the puck or ball invites someone else to clobber you into next week. Successful organizations have a tendency towards strategic ossification. Success breeds[…]

How to Create a Performance Environment – Part 1

I live an hour from the mountains. They are a gorgeous site…when I stop to look. Many people allow their surroundings to fade into the background. It becomes too familiar. This is a normal attribute. We have a Propensity to Attenuate (PTA) for things that don’t change. They become invisible and automatic (do you remember[…]