Simon Sinek says Millennials are Victims: 7 Secrets to Parent your Staff to Success

Have you noticed that the work ethic is woefully absent in many people? Kids have learned that success is measured in likes, comments and emojis rather than discipline and hard work. I caught a snippet of a Simon Sinek talk explaining why Millenials are perceived as lazy, unfocused, and go to work feeling entitled: Poor parenting. Parents have pressured schools[…]

Google, Amazon & Microsoft Screwed Up on Values. 4 Steps to Avoid Mutiny

When over 3000 Google employees petitioned the company to ditch a contract with the Pentagon, the power structure of our organizations changed forever. In a tight labor market employees have choice about who and what causes they will work for. Organizations are under immense social pressure: Google: We will not work to produce militarized technology.[…]

People Don’t Resist Change, They Resist YOU. How to Build a Change Trust

“People are just not engaging with this initiative!” Clients come to me for solutions to get people moving in line with their strategy. They’ve communicated the direction but the uptake is zero. Nothing has changed. Here’s why: A. Lack of knowledge – The target is not clearly understood or why you want to go there.[…]