Moving Strategy From Concept to Results...Faster

Fast-tracking Leaders to Excellence

Enabling Leaders and Teams to Reach Peak Performance
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Focus on what matters. Build the plan to get there.
Jeff facilitates development and revision of strategy to ensure it is mission-aligned and results-focused. For executives, coaching work targets optimal use of resources to achieve goals previously thought impossible.
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Tactics made real through accountability and measurement.
Develop an inspiring approach to implementing strategies that communicates clear accountabilities, motivates team members and promotes adoption.
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Propel actions forward faster.
Employing specific disciplines in leadership, time, energy, and resource management gets everyone moving faster.
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Keep the goals in view. Make increasingly bigger gains.
With a razor sharp focus on results, Jeff weaves an ‘outcome focus’ into every step of the plan. Building a measurement mindset enables bigger returns for his clients as they stack achievements.

Case in point

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Engaging Stakeholders

Quell resistance by understanding the voice of the customer
Business units sometimes feel bullied by the corporate machine. Creating space for managers and staff to share information and concerns drove high participation, feedback, and ultimately, a very smooth transition.
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Driving Adoption

Create desire to support new systems and processes
When changing cost centers and HR systems, how do you reassure a nervous organization? High touch strategies. By go-live 88% were motivated to use the new system and processes. Critical mass can move the rest!
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Strategic Workshops

Process analysis fostering multi-national collaboration
Massive HR transformation required expert knowledge from people facing loss of control and possibly their jobs. Interactive workshop design enabled them to work collaboratively with a multi-national process design team.
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Process Transformation

Transform established ways of working
Led the development of an enterprise-wide network who ‘translated’ 3000 changes to language their peers could understand and support. The result? A quiet go live and lower than expected support costs. Just how we like it.
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Capacity Building

Develop core skills now in anticipation of the future
Strategic mindsets require learning ahead of the curve. Created experiential leadership development program to support succession planning. Built program to develop skills in anticipation of long term strategies.
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Frame Breaking

What got you here won’t get you there. Move fast with rapid resets.
How do you move an entire supply chain from green screen tech to a windows based inventory management system without missing a shipment? Sometimes you can’t reframe points of view. You have to break them.
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Shaping Cultures

Merging two different companies means navigating culture
Lost production days are costly when merging two very different companies. Execution design focused on a multi-faceted approach to integrate knowledge and processes quickly, leading to millions in savings.

Thought Leadership

Ruminations in Change Management, Strategy, and Leadership